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Mobile Carriers React To Irene

Irene hits New England

Mashable has a great roundup of preparations by mobile carriers as Hurricane Irene continues to slam the northeastern United States. Obviously, during a natural disaster (like last week’s earthquake in Washington D.C.), hurricane or any other major event, cell phone service is much more likely to be disrupted.


  • AT&T FamilyMap and AT&T Navigator can be used to provide evacuation routes and track family members’ mobile devices in case of separation.
  • Capacity is added to wireless networks to accommodate increased volume.
  • Backup generators are stored in safe locations for immediate use following the storm.


  • Portable generators are prepared near network towers and switches.
  • Resources are waiting outside of Washington, D.C. to aid first responders and public safety officials.
  • 25,000 fully charged Sprint and Nextel Direct Connect phones are available for rent during disaster events.


  • Portable, fueled backup generators are ready to be deployed.
  • Engineers are on-call with repair equipment along the seaboard.
  • Cells-On-Wheels are prepared to provide wireless connections in the worst hit areas.


  • Central network offices have backup generators to ensure land lines operate when power goes out.
  • Trucks and emergency equipment is being removed from low lying areas.
  • Emergency relief kits are prepared to ease power restoration.

Posted: Sun 28th Aug 2011

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