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Ringtones For Gmail Labels

An recent update for Gmail on Android-powered devices allows users to specify custom ringtones for labels. With these custom ringtones in place, you’ll be able to react quickly to emails from your friends, family and co-workers while ignoring unimportant or unwanted emails. After ensuring that you have the latest versions of Android and the Gmail app, follow the steps below to customize your ringtones.

First, create a few labels for your Gmail account.

Next, visit the ‘Settings’ tab on your Gmail app. Locate the ‘Sync Inboxes and Labels’ section and click to adjust those settings. Select the Label you want to set a custom ringtone for and click. Select the date period for which you would like to sync emails (Sync None, Sync Last Four Days, Sync All) and return to ‘Settings’.

Sync Gmail Inbox

Now, turn your attention to the ‘Labels To Notify’ tab. Select the target label and you’ll be able to set a custom ringtone for that label. You should now have a custom ringtone set for this label. Repeat for all labels that you want to customize.

Gmail Labels To Notify

You can use Mobile17 ringtones to completely customize your phone alerts. With your new streamlined Gmail label ringtones, you’ll be able to focus on the emails that matter to you. This easy customization can save hours of productivity.

Posted: Sun 28th Aug 2011

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