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HP Touchpad Running Android

The HP Touchpad was considered by many to be a deadbeat tablet until a fire sale this week (units going for as little as $99) seemed to reignite some interest in the product. Still, critics seemed to universally hate the operating system on this tablet and the app store was even less popular. Strangely enough, at least one person who purchased a last-minute Touchpad got a surprise when he fired up the tablet: Android 2.2.1! He quickly shot this video showing Android in action.

I bought this touchpad (16gb) at best buy. The touchpad is running android 2.2.1 out of the box. The product seems to be a test version from the qualcomm innovation center, since the center logo is shown when you turn the touchpad on. The video shows me walking through the developer tools and the web browser. I cannot find a way to get the android market, or download any android applications onto the device.

If you were one of the bargain hunters who purchased a Touchpad at the $99 price point, you’re in luck. Prices on eBay have skyrocketed to over $250 on this news and one intrepid user has uploaded an image of the Android install online.

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Posted: Thu 25th Aug 2011

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