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Buy A Keepon, Help A Child

My Keepon is set to be one of the biggest tech toys of the holiday season. If you’re not familiar with these yellow dance machines, check out the video below.

The My Keepon can be set to interact with touch or sound, either reacting to music or any person or object that it encounters. Perhaps most importantly, it looks pretty cool while doing so.¬†There’s been some excitement over this toy for the past few years but the 2011 holiday season marks an official release date.

The toy, originally developed as Keepon, an expensive device designed to assist autistic children in the development phases of their lives, is a great conversation piece that serves an even greater good. The designers of My Keepon, Beat Bots, intend to use money from every purchase to fund programs and medical robots for therapists and practitioners.

This holiday season, when you’re thinking of a gift to buy for friends or family, consider the Keepon which will be available at Toys R Us. Expect to see this do-good gadget flying off of the shelves as soon as October for around $40.

Posted: Sun 21st Aug 2011

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