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Free PRO APPS Weekend!

Hi Everyone

In honour of the launch of the new website, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped Mobile17 become the ringtone juggernaut that it is today.  So for this weekend only, January 19-20, upgrade to the Pro version of the Mobile17 Android and iOS apps for free!

Free Pro Weekend

Download the apps here!

Mobile17 iOS PRO

Mobile17 Android PRO

We’ve had a few emails from users who have paid and downloaded our Pro iOS version in the past, who now find themselves having to pay again for the latest update.  To make a long story short, Apple does not allow app owners to transfer apps between developer accounts.  For tax purposes, our company had to create a new Apple account, deactivate the old apps (which means we lost all our reviews and iTunes ranking) and re-launch the Mobile17 iOS apps into a new account.  We feel terrible that some Pro users have had to pay twice, so this would be a great opportunity to update the Pro apps, and enjoy our services advertisement free.

We’d love to hear feedback on the new website, and any features you’d like to see on the web or in the apps. 


Posted: Fri 18th Jan 2013

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