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HP Touchpad Running Android

The HP Touchpad was considered by many to be a deadbeat tablet until a fire sale this week (units going for as little as $99) seemed to reignite some interest in the product. Still, critics seemed to universally hate the operating system on this tablet and the app store was even less popular. Strangely enough, at least one person who purchased a last-minute Touchpad got a surprise when he fired up the tablet: Android 2.2.1! He quickly shot this video showing Android in action.

I bought this touchpad (16gb) at best buy. The touchpad is running android 2.2.1 out of the box. The product seems to be a test version from the qualcomm innovation center, since the center logo is shown when you turn the touchpad on. The video shows me walking through the developer tools and the web browser. I cannot find a way to get the android market, or download any android applications onto the device.

If you were one of the bargain hunters who purchased a Touchpad at the $99 price point, you’re in luck. Prices on eBay have skyrocketed to over $250 on this news and one intrepid user has uploaded an image of the Android install online.

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Coming Soon: A Cheaper iPhone 4

If you’ve been on the fence about switching to the iPhone 4, especially after rumors that a new version of the iPhone is just months away, Apple wants to encourage you a bit by offering a major price cut.

Apple Logo

Apple Inc will release a cheaper iPhone 4 within weeks, jeopardizing profit margins to win lower-end customers from rivals such as Nokia in China and other emerging markets.

Asian suppliers have begun making a lower-cost version of the hot-selling smartphone with a smaller 8-gigabyte flash drive that will arrive around the same time Apple unveils its much-anticipated iPhone 5, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The new version, though cheaper, will not be as fast as the original iPhone 4. The question is, are you better off waiting for a late-September release of the iPhone 5 or will a very low priced version of the iPhone 4 entice you to purchase?

Buy A Keepon, Help A Child

My Keepon is set to be one of the biggest tech toys of the holiday season. If you’re not familiar with these yellow dance machines, check out the video below.

The My Keepon can be set to interact with touch or sound, either reacting to music or any person or object that it encounters. Perhaps most importantly, it looks pretty cool while doing so. There’s been some excitement over this toy for the past few years but the 2011 holiday season marks an official release date.

The toy, originally developed as Keepon, an expensive device designed to assist autistic children in the development phases of their lives, is a great conversation piece that serves an even greater good. The designers of My Keepon, Beat Bots, intend to use money from every purchase to fund programs and medical robots for therapists and practitioners.

This holiday season, when you’re thinking of a gift to buy for friends or family, consider the Keepon which will be available at Toys R Us. Expect to see this do-good gadget flying off of the shelves as soon as October for around $40.

Android Users Prefer Apps To Web

A new study from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics shows Android users prefer interacting with apps over surfing the mobile web. Of the thousands of users tracked in this study, most spent nearly 40 minutes interacting with their favorite apps every day; much of this time is spent interacting with the top 10 apps.

Android Users Data Chart 1

Android Users Data Chart 2

According to first-reported data from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, a new effort that tracks and analyzes data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android smartphones, the average Android consumer in the U.S. spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with the web and apps on their phone. Of that time, two-thirds is spent on mobile apps while one-third is spent on the mobile web.

This certainly isn’t the first study to suggest a shift away from the html environment of the past in the direction of mobile applications and it certainly won’t be the last. So, Mobile17 fans, with the shift to mobile apps becoming more apparent every day, what are your favorite apps for Android phones?

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